The Baron Has Paid

Adults-only version of “The Rosh Pina Adventure”

Corruption, intrigues and theft in the early days of the settlement!
Based on real events as they appeared in the press of the times

When power-hungry clerks with an open cheque book harrass the simple life of the settlers, something bad has to happen


The year is 1889

 Rosh Pina, a young settlement, is waking up into a robbery scandal

Who stole the money? What for?

What does everyone suspect X?

How obvious was this?

In order to get to the truth, we will use use the technology that will bring the year 1889 into the streets of today!

You will tour Old Rosh Pina, solve riddles, carry out missions and build team spirit with the help of innovative application

Through your smartphone screens the ancient walls of the settlement split open and the characters of the story come out as human-sized holograms, talking to you and helping you to solve the mystery 

This is how you drift into a humorous and interactive detective adventure based on a true story of the theft of Baron Rothschild's money intended for the settlers

The story and drama of the first settlers in the Galilee, Baron Rothschild and ICA Foundation, from a unique and fascinating angle -

an extraordinary experience

The Rosh Pina Adventure 

Special - enchance your tour with beer or chocolate!

Our application is using Augmented Reality (AR) - the technology of the future for all of us. Through your smartphone’s camera, digital objects and characters come to life and integrate into the real world

נרשמים באתר 

מתאמים את זמן הפעילות

יום ושעת הגעה

מהממים את החברים בתמונותיכם עם ההולוגרמות

מצטלמים עם הדמויות והנופים

ומראים למי שלא בא מה הוא פיספס

מורידים את האפליקציה

במשחק עצמו ניתן להשתמש במכשירים שלנו או שלכם

נהנים בחוויה טכנולוגית היסטורית פורצת גבולות 

מסיירים במושבה, מפצחים את תעלומת אוצר הברון ומגלים סודות עתיקים 

מגיעים לראש פינה ופוגשים את המדריך

מקבלים הדרכה קצרה ויוצאים לדרך!

מקבלים הטבות לאטרקציות נוספות במושבה

כדי שתוכלו להינות מכל מה שיש לראש-פינה להציע!

Come and exercise your mind (and legs!) in an  amazing adventure game combining reality and imagination, humor, fascinating history and cutting edge technology.

And it all really happened!

From my short (too short!) experience I was left with a taste for more. I am waiting for my grandkids to come over so they could also experience this incredible adventure. 

My honest appreciation to the developers and initiators!

Calin Shapira

A great experience combining history and technology - the kids have connected, the parents had fun and it was all part of an amazing walk in the alleys of old Rosh Pina!

Highly recommended, waiting for the next adventure

Tali Yahav Amir

A splendid experiential game in the alleys of Rosh Pina. a chance to learn, travel,  entertain and be together

Ofira Paltiel


© 2019 Rosh Pina Adventure 

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