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  • What do we do?
    We produce augmented reality experiences using our self developed platform in sites that need a technological upgrade, for the purpose of attracting and managing more visitors
  • How does our product have an impact?
    In the past several years, tourists have switched their focus from “ visiting places” to “enjoying activities”. This is our opportunity: with the platform we have developed, we turn historical sites into an adventure, an attraction.
  • What is special about the experiences we make?
    Our attractions are fun, competitive, multilingual, offering different tracks suited for different audiences
  • How will we win the market?
    Our unique business model is to partner with sites by interconnecting elements of local culture and the local tourist ecosystem.
  • Who are we?
    We are a team of passionate individuals, each professional and experienced in his own fields: a tour expert, a software wizard and a marketing ninja. Together we produce well-rounded experiences enjoyed by a variety of clientele, touristic and local.
  • How did it start and where do we stand?
    The company was founded in February 2018, as an answer to revive our home, the North of Israel, to tourists from all over the country and abroad. As of January 2020, our “beta site” in Rosh Pina has attracted more than 6,000 visitors, since its opening in April 2019. This success has led us to expand to other sites from all over the country which are showing interest hosting our unique tourist experiences and we are going to work on it.
  • What is the next stage?
    We are currently rising a seed round for developing three more experiences in different sites all over the country, and upgrading our platform.
  • Where are we heading?
    Ten sites throughout Israel by 2022 and then the expand overseas, starting with Japan and Russia.

Alisa Noy

Relations manager 

Has over 10 years of experience in various roles in international business, including business development and account management, project management and operational support (Finance, HR). Committed to excellence, passionate about innovation and technology, spends her free time outside exploring.

Nimrod Berger

Co-founder & CEO

An experienced traveller of the world. As a guide, a manager and a producer has mastered tourism from all directions. Nowadays is re-discovering places of interest for modern "digital" travellers. Founded and led a successful business with over 60 workers - Avoda Glilit  for over 7 year, later sold it and founded MoreThanReality.

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